Strive for Perfection 
                & Endeavor to Excellence

Ms. Maggie Cheung has been working in the translation field for more than a decade. With extensive experience in serving in financial printing companies, Maggie has gained reputation amongst our clients. She is well-known for her cautiousness, integrity and professionalism.

Over the years, Maggie participated in numerous large-scale projects and built up an outstanding track record in IPO projects (clients include China Forestry Holdings Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 930), Tianneng Power International Limited (Stock Code: 819), Xinhua Winshare Publishing and Media Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 811), Pacific Textiles Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 1382), Lifestyle International Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 1212) etc.). Also, she involved in many key language projects of listed companies in Hong Kong (such as China Shenhua Energy Company Limited (Stock Code: 1088), Anhui Conch Cement Company Limited (Stock Code: 914) and BBMG Corporation (Stock Code:2009)).

Our strong team of translators is made up of qualified professionals with extensive experience in different fields, which allows us to deliver top quality services to our valued clients. All of our translators are graduates with degrees in languages or translation from respected universities. Combined, they offer a wealth of unique experiences from many diverse areas of competence.

Our professionals are keen in developing a professional career in language and translation. We pride ourselves on our quality, reliability, effectiveness and professionalism. Our professional commitment will bring SFLS to success.