How do you guarantee confidentiality?

Since most of our jobs are confidential and price-sensitive, we have the following security measures:

  1. We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”) with all of our employees

  2. We keep all documents confidential

  3. We encrypt all uploads and downloads to our server to ensure that your files are secure

  4. All computers are protected with password and monitored by senior management

  5. Main door is controlled by a centralized security system and all internal working areas are restricted for staff only

  6. We have very strict privacy policies with respect to your personal information



How much do you charge for the services?

Our charge is normally based on word count for translation, copywriting and editing. Interpretation is charged on per-hour or per-day basis. However, our rates may be varied depending on the project size, content and urgency. Special rate may also be offered for large assignments. For details, please contact us at 2117 3733 or email at for a quotation.



What kind of language services do you offer?

SFLS offers comprehensive language services ranging from translation, copywriting, editing, interpretation to multi-language services. Besides Chinese and English, our network of professionals is also proficient in Japanese, German, French, Dutch, Italian and many other foreign languages.


How do you assure quality of your services?

SFLS is committed to achieving a balance between quality, speed, accuracy and consistency. We strive to provide high quality services to meet our clients' needs . Our professionals are carefully selected and are regularly assessed. Quality check for every project is taken by senior management from time to time.

Who provide services?  

All SFLS professionals obtained BA or even MA degrees in the disciplines of translation, interpretation or language studies. For translation services, we will not rely on translation software (i.e. machine translation). Instead, we leverage on the experience and knowledge of our translators and the well-developed glossary list to enhance speed, accuracy and consistency.


Strive for Perfection 
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